The Game Dashboard is practically feature-complete now that Google Play Games is included

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Mobile gaming is a multibillion-dollar business, but Google hasn’t contributed many user-facing gaming features to Android itself, aside from new APIs and services for game creators. That is, until the release of Android 12, which is expected later this fall. When Android 12 is released, it will include a new Game Dashboard feature.

This dashboard includes a widget that displays accomplishment and leaderboard data from Google Play Games, as well as quick access to handy features like a screen recorder, FPS monitor, and more. The Google for Games Developer Summit earlier this year gave a sneak peek at the Game Dashboard and its Play Games widget, which is currently rolling out.

The Google Play Games app is now available on the Play Store in version 2021.07.28550, and after installing it on my Pixel 3 XL running Android 12 Beta 4, the Google Play Games widget finally appeared in the Game Dashboard whenever I loaded up a game that supports Play Games.

Battle for Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob SquarePants For example, Rehydrated showed me how many accomplishments I’ve achieved. The number of leaderboards in a game is also displayed here if one exists. Tapping the widget brings up a new page with your Play Games login, Google Account email address, and links to accomplishments, leaderboards, and the profile and privacy settings page.

Image credit: Bamyx Technologies

The achievements card shows the most recent achievement you unlocked, and leaderboards card might also be able to preview more information. Without having to launch the main Play Games app, tapping on the achievements or leaderboards cards will bring up more information about the available achievements and leaderboards, making the Game Dashboard a useful tool even to check your progress in the game

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Last month, Google revealed that the Game Dashboard feature would be available later this year on “certain devices” running Android 12. They also indicated that it would not be available in beta builds, this isn’t exactly accurate.

The Game Dashboard has been accessible in recent updates by heading to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules. The “Game settings” tab, which features a global toggle for the Game Dashboard and the “Do Not Disturb for gaming feature,” may be accessed by tapping on the cog symbol next to the “Gaming” schedule. This “Game settings” page can also be found under Settings > A.

At launch, this “Game settings” tab will also be accessible via Settings > Apps. When people opened a properly categorized game in Beta 4, the floating game overlay began to appear, allowing players to access the Game Dashboard from within the game.

The Game Dashboard is practically feature-complete now that Google Play Games is included. All that’s left now are game optimization options, but that requires apps to use Android 12’s new Game Mode APIs. After that, we all will have access to choosing a performance profile for each game individually.

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