Can you remember what we said about creating a strong branding for your business?

Remember one of the points we made mention of is the creation of assets,

one of which is logo design

Logo is how we identify your brand

so this beautiful morning, we have decided to share with you “simple steps on how to design your logo”

Please ehn my dear business owners make sure you read it to end, 2022 will be glad you did

Never give up on your dreams….

Between the year 2004 and 2018, the number of Facebook users grew from 1MILLION to 2.6BILLION

And this number keeps increasing yearly

An idea of creating connections started this and today Facebook has grown into a big community.

Today marks the close of work for most companies

companies that started just because somebody had an/a idea or dream

we want to see you succeed, don’t ever give up

We wish you a weekend full of ideas and innovation

Did you know there are more cellphones than people in the world today?

Many more people are online today than they were 20 YEARS ago

Technology has advanced in many ways

Businesses have gone online

Technology now touches nearly everything we do

Branding is the LIFE of every business

Branding helps you stand out in a saturated market

It gives your business credibility

With a clear brand, you can charge what you are WORTH

I could go on, on and on with this list because the benefits are just too numerous

And that’s why I decided to gift you with tips on ‘HOW TO CREATE STRONG BRANDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS’

Don’t enjoy these benefits alone o, share with Friends and business owners who might need this also

“Going into Tech is the real deal o, better wise up”
How many times do you hear this in a day? Countless number of times, right?


Yeah, it is indeed the real deal in the world today. Going into Tech means making a decision to becoming wealthy.

To make this journey of becoming wealthy smooth for you, I have highlighted 5 Important things you should know as a programmer.

Bamyx Technologies

We are a technology business that provides large-scale saas solutions to companies in a variety of industries.

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